Raising Daughters: The Art of Teaching Leadership Through Sports

The bestselling book for those who are raising, coaching, or training girls. This book is an amazing framework for parenting. Delving into a very intimate and complex phenomenon that exists all over the world. The question of ‘how to be a parent’ has never been formally answered, but this book positions itself in the space of providing possible solutions. A family of five, led by the father, this book takes a look at how little girls can be raised in a way that has never been seen before.

The father in this book uses sports to convey a philosophical stance on life that guides the children in their personal development. The setting revolves around the oldest daughter and father’s relationship. She is faced with multiple challenges as the pressures from her parents, teachers, and basketball coach starts weighing down on her. The mother plays an essential role in balance for everyone in the home. She is the key to the temperament of the family and overall mental wellbeing. But will this be enough for the daughter to rise to the occasion or fold under pressure? Purchase on Amazon